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Black Prizm

You and No Other

A woman with her own personal demons,
A love she thought was gone forever,
A man haunted by the one he left behind,
A danger that threatens to keep them apart...

This is Tina's Story.

You and No Other

Coming 9/30/16

Niane always knew she was different, but she never understood just how much. A death and an unexpected journey force her to embrace a world she never knew existed....

Coming Soon...

Kyle found himself in over his head after the break up with his latest girlfriend. The woman he had contemplated marrying, emerged as the girlfriend from hell.
No matter where he went or what he did, she seemed to appear. So, in a moment of desperation, he talks his best friend Ashley into helping him turn her away for once and for all.

Sean Davenport has it all. 
He's rich, successful and single. From the time he was a child, the importance of keeping his father's legacy in the family was drilled into him. His dream was to expand the company until Davenport Corporation was a household name. 
The one thing Sean Davenport wants - needs - is a child of his own blood to carry on the legacy his father left behind. 

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